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For more than a century, Louisiana’s fuels and chemical manufacturing sector have served as an engine of economic growth for our state, and a steady source of jobs, revenues and opportunity for those fortunate enough to call our state home.

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How the refining industry works, and how it helps create products we use everyday. Explore our interactive infographic.

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Discover how the Louisiana chemical industry plays an essential role in our local economy and the products you use each day. Explore our interactive infographic.

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Want to know how we help Louisiana grow each day? Explore our fast facts and learn more!A complete resource for all aspects of the oil and gas industry.

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The News-Star: Economist: Louisiana recovering faster than nation / News

BATON ROUGE — Thanks to a booming petrochemical industry and numerous jobs headed to the state in the next few years, Louisiana’s current economic conditions and its economic future far surpass the national outlook, says economist Loren Scott. The United States is “in the middle of a tepid recovery” from an economic downturn referred to […]... More

Everything You Need to Know About the Bucket Brigade’s Annual Emissions Report… In One Quote / Blog

On Tuesday, the Louisiana Bucket Brigade released its annual report on upset emissions (which the anti-energy group always refers to as “accidents”) from Louisiana refineries. Although the Bucket Brigade strayed from the usual title “Common Ground” and instead opted to call this year’s report “Mission: Zero Accidents,” the result was largely the same – an […]... More

MISSION: Stop Twisting the Facts / Blog

According to the Louisiana Bucket Brigade’s latest annual report, “Mission: Zero Accidents,” “Refineries reported significant quantities of hydrogen cyanide emissions that were previ­ously unreported. This is because EPA required re­fineries to actually measure (rather than estimate) this chemical coming out of their stacks in 2011 and 2012.” FACT: The Bucket Brigade is twisting the facts […]... More

The numerous ways in which blaming hurricanes misses the mark entirely / Blog

Like the “Common Ground” reports of years past, the Louisiana Bucket Brigade’s latest annual report on the state’s refining industry, “Mission: Zero Accidents,” is a far cry from a credible study, and is in fact just a mix of the group’s usual misleading claims, faulty assumptions and factual inaccuracies (click here for more information on the […]... More

ENERGIZELA.COM: Bucket Brigade Report Fails To Mention that Air Quality in Louisiana Is Getting Better – Even as Energy Boom Continues / Blog

With Tuesday’s release of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade’s latest annual report, “Mission: Zero Accidents,” Energize LA is providing the following rapid response to offer important context, which the report conveniently left out. As Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association (LMOGA) President Chris John noted when this year’s Common Ground report was released to the press: […]... More